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We can take your favourite photographs and turn them into beautiful contemporary stretched box canvases. Family and friends, happy times and favourite places - all of these can make fabulous photo to canvas prints for your home, or uniquely personal gifts. Simply select a favourite photo, choose a size and colour option and then we'll do the rest!
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Sending us your photographs - If your picture is already a digital file (e.g. a photo taken with a digital camera), simply use the form on the left to browse to the image on your computer and press "send". If you have an original photograph, negative or other artwork, you will need to scan it at a high resolution - we recommend 300dpi or more. We can handle most image file formats, though a jpeg is usually the best balance between file size and image quality. Very small images, such as those taken using some mobile phone cameras may be too low resolution to enlarge without a significant loss of quality - we recommend a file size of 450k or more for best results.
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Whichever format you choose, we will crop your image if necessary in the best way to fit the canvas. If however you have a preference for the layout of your image on the canvas, or any other preferences just let us know.

These can be portrait or landscape, and are ideally suited to the proportions of most standard format photographs.

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Use the square format for a cool, contemporary look. Great for modern interiors, and grouping multiple pictures together.


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colour options
All photo to canvas prints are skilfully processed before printing using cutting edge technology to bring the best out of your photographs, so even images printed in standard Full Colour will usually show a significant improvement in colour and definition. Alternatively, we can print your photograph in a range of modern, interesting styles. Black and White images have a timeless class, often bringing out character and personality to great effect. Sepia images are evocative and warm, and fit well with the neutral tones of modern interiors as well as more traditional decor styles. Colour Splash is a technique that focuses on any chosen detail of the image, often the main subject, and picks it out in rich colour leaving the rest of the picture in black and white. The effect is truly striking and beautiful, and gives a very contemporary, fresh feel.
colour options
your photos become art
We will dispatch your photo canvas to you securely packaged and ready to hang. Manufactured using exhibition quality canvas and stretched onto timber bars, your print is designed to last a lifetime. UV inks and specially treated canvas stock ensure your print continues to give pleasure for generations to come.
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